George Bateman & Sons Ltd

Salem Bridge Brewery
PE24 4JE
United Kingdom

Tel: 01754 880317

About George Bateman & Sons Ltd

Rewarding success and recognising tenants who show entrepreneurial flair.

Batemans Brewery has passed through four generations of the Bateman family.

Despite the many years that have passed since its inception, the passion with which the Company was first created has never been diluted, being as strong now, as it was at day one.

"In your business, don't ever lose the human touch with your employees and tenants". These were the words spoken by Harry Bateman in 1953 and is the philosophy by which we at Batemans continue to work. It is also the reason why we were judged to be the Publican Regional Brewer of the Year in 2010.

We realise that part of the success of our Company lies with our tenants and their pubs. This is why we have developed the "Rewarding Success" programme, which aims to help improve standards in licensed retailing.

To ensure our tenants reach their goals, we provide them with the help and support required to make the most of their pub. We supply bespoke marketing funds, menu and poster printing services, website design and beer festival assistance, in addition to a host of other ideas and incentives

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